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Pupil Premium Interventions - What do we provide?

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    Expert interventions for pupil premium students led by qualified teachers.


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    Sequence of individualised planned sessions. Offered in 6 week blocks.


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    Entrance and exit tests with data to support progress and written reports to schools quantifying impact.


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    Well matched provision for a wide range of pupils.

1 hour sessions (recommended twice weekly) based on pre-identified areas of the curriculum for pupil premium students who require individualised focused teaching to support and raise their achievement.

All outcomes are based on the aims of the National Curriculum and are tailored to enable pupils to close the attainment gap.

Interventions can be in groups or individually and coverage ranges from Years 1 – 6.

Each 6 week block is planned, evaluated and the impact documented.

Attainment gaps will be identified through entrance tests and existing school information where a focused personalised programme of support will then be planned to close the gaps, and the impact of this will be evaluated through the exit data, teacher assessment and pupil self assessment.

Detailed reports are provided to schools to quantify the impact of the interventions and academic progress achieved.

Sessions are led by qualified teachers with over 20 years experience of primary education, they have a vast knowledge of pupil premium, SEN, inclusion and behaviour.

Research from the Education Endowment Foundation evidences that small group and 1:1 tuition can impact a child’s learning by up to 5 months.

COST: £75 per hour or £200 per morning.

Workshops to Support Parental Engagement

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We recognise the importance of a collaborative approach to learning and the key role parents play in their child’s developmental cycle.

To promote parental engagement, practical workshops can be provided to support involvement and understanding of key strategies and initiatives, that are relevant in education and will raise parents confidence when supporting their children’s learning.

COST: Starting at £70 per session (depending on subject and length of session required)

Please enquire for prices of other services and support we can provide including: Moderation support for Yrs 2 and 6 and Performing Arts support for productions.

Why Use Busy Brains Consultancy Service?

We can support your school in raising attainment and closing the gaps for disadvantaged pupils.

We are passionate about fostering individual growth at a pace that is right for each child.

We encourage high self esteem and set challenging goals to aspire to, enabling good progress and success for the individual.

We inspire a positive attitude to learning at all levels which makes it engaging, enjoyable and fun.

After School Busy Clubs

Provision is also available for unique ‘After School Busy Clubs’ with opportunities for curriculum enrichment activities that raise pupil’s aspirations, support social skills and build resilience.

We use a high impact approach using metacognition and self regulation strategies, where children are taught methods to motivate themselves and plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning in a happy, vibrant after school club. We inspire active minds!

Sessions are 1 hour long straight after school, and based on a different curriculum area each week. Sessions from each of the ‘Busy Brains’ workshops below will be included each half term and will be related to a half termly theme. This ensures thorough curriculum coverage.

If schools would rather have a 6 week block of one particular club, i.e. Busy Boffins, we can also accommodate this.

Maximum capacity for the sessions is dependent on the nature of the club. Offered in Key Stage groups (KS1, KS2)

Busy Brains will deal with all admin and payments direct from the parents.

Sessions cost between £7 and £10 per child per session, payable a half term in advance.

Busy Bakers Club - Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition activities presented in a fun, practical and engaging way. Tasty recipes that can be repeated at home!

Busy Bankers Club - Mathematics

Maths games that are educational, fun and raise self esteem. Problem solving and reasoning challenges involving all mathematical operations.

Busy Beats Club - Music

A fun, engaging Music club. Experiment with sounds. Composing and singing. Moving to music.

Busy Bodies Club - Science

Engaging and inspiring Science activities to pique enquiring minds. Great opportunities for gathering and recording data, exploring results and classifying information.

Busy Boffins Club - History

Fun and engaging theme-based History sessions discovering significant people and events andusing drama to re-enact famous points in history.

Busy Bookworms Club - English

Inspiring a real love of Reading and Writing with a huge range of activities covering exciting genres and writing purposes. Personalised recommended book lists available.

Busy Brushes Club - Art

Stimulating and practical Art club with opportunities to practise techniques and skills; learn about great artists and designers.

Busy Builders Club - Design and Technology

Design and Technology activities presented in a fun, practical and engaging way! Designing, making and evaluating purposeful products.

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