After School Busy Clubs

After School Busy Clubs

Payable half termly in advance by bank transfer directly to Busy Brains Ltd.

These sessions are based in schools:

Current schools:

St John’s CE Infant and Nursery School, Radlett

Long Marston VA CE Primary School, Tring

Potten End CE Primary School, Berkhamsted

Fair Field Junior School, Radlett

More locations coming soon!

Each 1 hour session is based on different topics and outcomes are based on the aims of the National Curriculum.

Sessions can be linked to themes including: Animals, Superheroes, Africa, Artists, Victorians, Dinosaurs, Sport, Rainforests, Famous people, Celebrating Britain. These will incorporate learning across several curriculum areas.

All sessions will incorporate and support learning and experiences from the PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) curriculum and will develop skills of cooperation, team work, relationships with others, self-confidence, solving problems and having a positive attitude.

Alternatively, schools may choose to have blocks of one particular club e.g. Busy Brushes or Busy Bakers etc.

Capacity of the class is dependent on the age group and nature of the club.

Busy Bakers Club - Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition activities presented in a fun, practical and engaging way. Tasty recipes that can be repeated at home!

Busy Brainiacs Club - Mathematics

Maths games that are educational, fun and raise self esteem. Problem solving and reasoning challenges involving all mathematical operations.

Busy Beats Club - Music

A fun, engaging Music club. Experiment with sounds. Composing and singing. Moving to music.

Busy Bodies Club - Science

Engaging and inspiring Science activities to pique enquiring minds. Great opportunities for gathering and recording data, exploring results and classifying information.

Busy Boffins Club - History

Fun and engaging theme-based History sessions discovering significant people and events and using drama to re-enact famous points in history.

Busy Bookworms Club - English

Inspiring a real love of Reading and Writing with a huge range of activities covering exciting genres and writing purposes. Personalised recommended book lists available.

Busy Brushes Club - Art

Stimulating and practical Art club with opportunities to practise techniques and skills; learn about great artists and designers.

Busy Builders Club - Design and Technology

Design and Technology activities presented in a fun, practical and engaging way! Designing, making and evaluating purposeful products.

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